Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Random thoughts:

5 out of 6 times I started my car today, Muse was on the radio. By the 3rd time, it was kind of weird...but tonight when I got off work at midnight, it definitely sealed the deal of weirdness.

I don't like "Nine Inch Nails" at all.

I have this weird fear of talking on the phone. Okay, it's not really a "fear", but I just hate talking on the phone. I avoid it at all costs, not returning phone calls, while digging myself deeper into a phone hole because eventually I am going to see that person again and have to explain why I never called them back.

The septum tank blew up at work today. It smelled really bad, everywhere.

It's so hot outside, so my roommate and I have decided to leave the air conditioning on full blast, at all times. This makes for cold nights in the living room...brrrr....

I graduate college in 26 days, but I have the following left to accomplish:

2 Greek projects (plus all homework that I have slacked off on)
James Presentation
Pauline Lit Midterm and project
OT Theology Presentation
Pauline Lit Diversity Paper
Paragraph summary and theological paper on Numbers
Theological Paper on Exodus
Final paper on my marriage research
Presentation for marriage research findings
HUGE NT use of the OT paper and presentation of research findings
Greek Presentation
Pauline Lit Final Exam
NT Theology final exam (whaever it ends up consisting of)
Move all of my stuff out of my apartment and into cousins house (whom I need to call!) ;)
Say goodbye to all my friends at Biola... *tear*

Seriously, I am totally overwhelmed. But I am going to look back at this blog in 26 days and feel very accomplished.


Maritza said...

i can help you move stuff :DDDD

jordan sabolick said...

i'm so proud of you carrie. i really am.