Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Okay, so this is in need of some blogging (though I have SO much to do by 8am tomorrow, or today, morning).

One of my neighbors, has a new boyfriend.

And over this entire semester I have watched the process.

You see, I work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday until midnight, and on Tuesdays, I am in the library until midnight. So, needless to say, I get home every weeknight at midnight. Well almost every single weeknight, these two little lovebirds are hanging out outside the girls apartment. They have to do so because of after hours rules (boys are out by 11pm Mondays through Thursdays).

So, I have seen them progress from sitting accross from each resting their feet on the opposite of each other while sitting accross from each sitting next to each sitting next to each other while holding now, sitting next to each other cuddling under a blanket. I just love it! I think it is so cute how much time they love spending with each other in this early stage of their relationship. If they are to get married, these are the times they will always remember.

Tonight on my way in, they were snuggling up to one another and he was reading to her. It was soooo cute. She is an english major, and I just though that was so romantic. *sigh*

Oh to be a "bird" of a lovebirds one day again.

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