Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I hate stars.

Not the kind in the sky, but the kind that are next to your name if you are a smart kid at graduation.

My GPA = 3.45

That means I am .5 away from having a star next to my name (like half of the graduating class at Biola).

Am I sad? Yes, I am. Would I have cared 4 years ago? No. I would have thought I was a loser for having stars next to my name. Stars would have equaled "no life", and "not popular".

Well, maybe I have a life, and maybe I am "popular" (whatever that means), but I don't have a dang star next to my name.

In other news, I am second to walk for Biblical studies major, and our major is one of the first to be called out, so if you are planning on attending my graduation, after Rick Warren speaks, I will walk pretty quickly after, and then you can sneak out before traffic. Maybe i'll meet you in the parking lot.


carissa anne said...

i think there should be a write-in ballot for stars. then with the popularity you gained from having a life, you could have all your friends write the stars in for you. winner!

Austin James said...

i give you a star.

Carrie Marie said...

thanks guys *tear*

Anonymous said...

Awww...people with stars have a life, not really. :)

Jeez Carrie, 3.45 is pretty stinkin' amazing! You should be so proud of yourself. Look at your high school or community college GPAs and look how far you've come! (Sorry if you didn't want anyone to know you used to be less-excellent :)

Love Jessie

jordan sabolick said...

i give you a kiss. and a star. and a smile.
when's your graduation? i wanna go.