Monday, April 14, 2008

Desperate Housewives meets Religion

Last night was the first episode of Desperate Housewives in many months due to the writers strike. Unfortunately, I guess I have to admit that I do follow the show. I only started following the show this past season because of my's all her fault.

Anyway, last nights episode was very interesting (I watched it on today), because the whole show revolved around one of the housewives searching for answers about God. They even say the word, "Jesus".

This certain housewife had just lived through cancer and a tornado (yes, I know, soap opera), and she wanted to know why God would choose her to live, and not other people.

In one scene, it is so cute because she goes to church, and after the pastor is done speaking she raises her hand with a question. Her friend gets nervous and tries telling her that they are not supposed to ask questions in church, but she persists, and proceeds to ask the pastor the basic question of: Why do bad things happen to good people.

Later on, the friend who was embarassed approaches the housewife and tells her that "Church is not for questions...only for answers". But later in the show the pastor corrects that woman and tells her, "No, the church IS for questions..."

The last scene was both housewives together on the porch flipping through the Bible and talking.

Yes, maybe Desperate Housewives isn't the best show, but I am positive that tonights episode planted some seeds in people to want to search more as well. Luckily, the entire show was leading people towards a true Christian church... (at least it wasn't Mormon, Christian Scientist, or JW's).

You can watch the show on for free.
Join me in prayer that people will search to know more about God because of that show.

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