Sunday, April 20, 2008

Concert Cursed.

I am officially "concert cursed".

Everytime I try to throw a benefit concert, there is another show that pops up right around me and takes away all of my audience.

Last time, when I threw an Invisible Children concert, some people at Biola decided to throw an IC benefit concert a week before mine...with Jon Foreman! That sucked.

And now...oh I should have expected this...

Now, apparentely, the curse gets worse everytime, because even though this concert isn't raising money for the same is IN the same auditorium as our concert, and it costs
the SAME as our concert, and it is the DAY AFTER our concert. Not only that, but our biggest push to Biola was going to be selling tickets infront of the cafe...weeeell...they will be selling tickets infront of the cafe as well.

You know, the biggest bummer in all of this is that not only are they taking away our audience, but I am taking away their audience. Of COURSE I want to see this missions team raise lots of money for their trip...I wish our concert was funding them! I wish we could have done a joint thing!


Such is life.

I just wanted to write this blog so I would remember how cursed I am the next time I want to throw a benefit concert. I am officially throwing in the towel after this one...unless I have a headlining band calling me.


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