Thursday, April 24, 2008

12 Ways to Improve Your Blog

Justin Taylor gives us 12 great tips to improve our blogs (taken from Abraham Piper). Read about it here.

My fave is #12:

Recognize that it’s OK to take blogging seriously and to try to succeed.

If a blogger does everything to the glory of God, then he will blog for the sake of the Gospel, whether he’s writing about theology or fishing in Alaska. And if we’re blogging for God, we have only one choice: pursue excellence.

The servant who buried his talent, thought he was doing the wise thing. He wasn’t. As a Christian blogger, I don’t want to be that servant. If I’m going to blog the gospel, I want to do whatever I can to blog it excellently so that what I have offered to my readers is also worth offering to God.

We’ve been given a great platform for the gospel in blogging—how could we not take it seriously?

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