Friday, March 7, 2008

Yogurt (glorious) Land

Tonight I went to yogurtland with my roomie, and neighbors, Kelly and Jill. It was mighty fantastic. We took pictures, but you know, I lost my cord.

Anyway, it reminded of me of a time a few weeks ago when Chris, Tatum, and I went to the good ol' land...and I never posted this picture.

She had just gotten out of the hospital...doesn't look too sick... ;)


Also, I wanted to give a shout out to Chris Reinhardt's sister and brother in law, Tiffany and Corey, they just had the third child (as my friend Brian would say, "wow, that's a lot of babies") today and his name is Jude Clayton. Adorable? I think so! The other two little sweethearts are named Audra and Luke.

Here is a picture of the proud uncle with the little adorable...and yes, I do mean Jude ;)


Frank & Lela said...

Hey Carrie,

When were you guys there? We were at Yogurtland tonight as well...of course, likely much earlier than you, but we were there, in all of our kid glory!

Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


Bethany Pee said...

Landon looks like such a dad, hahah aw the day he gets to hold his own child he'll be glowing even more.

Camyron Lee said...

i dont know if you were talking about the part about landon or yogurtland! hah
however, i appreciate them both i guess:)

Maritza said...

yogurtland looks yummy as always... ah i love tate.
and oh man landons sister and bro sure are great at picking names.
sooo cuttteee