Saturday, March 22, 2008

"What Would Jesus Do"

Last night was Good Friday, and many people in the world might of been asking themselves what they should have been doing. Maybe you didn't eat any meat, or maybe you gave up food all together. Maybe you prayed for an extra hour, or maybe you went to a nice Good Friday service at your local church.

Whatever the case, I think the people from my church topped it all on the night of Good Friday. I think we were exactly where Jesus would have wanted us to a bar.

Did we drink? No, we didn't drink.
Did we smoke? No, unless you consider second hand smoke as a source.
Did we love on some crazy kids? Yaaah, we loved on some kids.

You see, "The Union Line" was playing, and we just had to be there to support them.

Note the two boys with the hats/beanies...those are the boys who play in our church's worship team, and I love them dearly.

So anyway, I hadn't been to one of their shows yet, ever since they started playing in this new band, and I was home for Good Friday service, so I was able to make it out. Eventually I convinced my pastor's wife, Tatum, to tag along. If you don't know Tatum, here is a glimpse into her life: Wife, mother of the 3 cutest kids ever, director of the women's ministry, amazing woman of God etc. etc.

Well, I was lucky enough to hang with her the whole day yesterday because it had been awhile since we had seen each other. Her hubby wanted to study for Easter morning service that night, so we hit the town. Well, usually we just hit up Gypsy Den for some amazing chai, but this time we decided to head over to The Gypsy Lounge to watch the boys show. Tatum was a little nervous because she felt "old" (though she is not). I just told her not to worry, no one would notice.

So we go inside and we are greeted by this character:AJ Ranson

Starbucks and Urban Outfitter's worker extraordinaire.

We quickly move to the back of the bar, because The Union Line has not started to play yet. And then, it happens...
Pastor Frank Sanchez walks through the skinny jeans!!!

Okay, I am kidding about the skinny jeans, but he was there.

He also came with Chris Reinhardt, who is our church's director of the worship ministry at our church.

This picture of him just needs to be published on a blog...I mean, come one, does it seem like this guy would be seen at a bar on Good Friday? ;) The baby is Cadence, just in case you are wondering.

Then the lovely Melissa Murphy and Blythe Hill come strutting in, here is a shot of the three of us (I am limited to picture picking with no access to facebook)

So, at this point, half of the church staff, youth ministry volunteers, and worship band is hanging out in a bar, on Good ol' Friday.
I think people were encouraged, possibly felt reeeally awkward, but nonetheless, LOVED! Because we do love those boys in that band! Hooray for The Union Line!


Bethany Pee said...

ha whateva tatum totally fits in, and if only i was 21 i could've been there as well AND mentioned in your blog.. :/

Carrie Marie said...

this is true, if only you were 21.

Maritza said...

man, this post made me happy. ahha pastor frank. good grief. this is awesome.
if i could "favourite" blog posts, this would be in.