Sunday, March 16, 2008

We could have saved our school by taxing the rich

If you haven't heard, Arnold has proposed some major tax cuts against our school; we will be losing many teachers, psychologists, etc.
Here are some of the cuts for the district I grew up in, and that my sisters are currently in:

Saddleback Valley Unified
Budget: $264
Cut target: $19.3
Specific programs: Class-size reduction changes in grades 1-3 (130 teachers); high school cultural geography class (15 teachers); 15.8 school administrators; 24.7 district-level administrators and support staff; all bus routes except special education; vocal music, International Baccalaureate, field studies and language arts assistance programs; stipends for JV sports coaches; 11.7 school librarians, secretaries, psychologists and campus supervisors; special education; custodial, clerical and maintenance services; rollback of management pay raise; supplies, equipment, travel and consultants
Teacher terminations: 168

Now, the democrats proposed that we tax the oil companies more to make up for the loss of money that California has, and therefore not cutting from education. I know the word "oil" makes everyone nervous right now, but what would happen here is that for every $10 million worth of oil that is drilled, the oil company would have to pay 6% of that to the state. Therefore, the richies from the oil company would probably not have to buy that new yacht for the year.

But what, the Republicans can't have this now can they?

So instead they decide to move forward with the cutting of millions of dollars from the school, which indirectly, does in fact, tax more from the everyday citizen who has their children in public school (because we will still be paying the same amount of taxes to something we don't use).

I am all in favor of paying taxes. We pay taxes because stuff isn't free. We drive down our roads and they are nice and smooth, because I pay taxes. If I fall and break my hip, paramedics will come because I pay taxes. But come on people...come on President Bush who promised for a better education, where are you?!

I just can't believe that we would elect someone who would rather cut thousands of teachers than increase tax of an oil company.

Ya, this guy

Read more about it here.

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