Thursday, March 13, 2008

Just to clarify,

Derek Webb has gotten me all pumped up about everything and anything to do with politics and social justice tonight, so I feel the need to clarify some things.
Some of my recent posts about the 2008 election can seem pro-Obama, and I just want to explain more in detail where I am at with this whole thing so not to mislead anyone.

Lets take the big issues -
I am against this certain war, and I want it to stop
I am pro-life
I am against harsh immigration laws, obviously we need some laws, but not harsh ones
I think universal healthcare is the way to go
We need to be making steps in the right direction to helping the issue of poverty

I believe all these things and I am always willing to back them with scripture, but I just really don't have time to go into it. Maybe over the summer, I can take each issue and hash it out on here.
As you can see, you can't put me in a category of "democrat", or "republican", you just can't.

I refuse to vote for McCain and I refuse to vote for Obama (or Clinton if that happens) because either way, murder will take place; lives will be lost.

My allegiance will never be for a man, or a country, or anything fleeting. My allegience is only to Christ and His Kingdom.

Think on this Derek song for a bit:

I’m so tired of these mortal men
with their hands on their wallets and their hearts full of sin
scared of their enemies, scared of their friends
and always running for re-election
so come to DC if it be thy will
because we’ve never had a savior on Capitol Hill

you can always trust the devil or a politician
to be the devil or a politician
but beyond that friends you’d best beware
‘cause at the Pentagon bar they’re an inseparable pair
and as long as the lobbyists are paying their bills
we’ll never have a savior on Capitol Hill

all of our problems gonna disappear
when we can whisper right in that President’s ear
he could walk right across the reflection pool
in his combat boots and ten thousand dollar suit

you can render unto Caesar everything that’s his
you can trust in his power to come to your defense
it’s the way of the world, the way of the gun
it’s the trading of an evil for a lesser one
so don’t hold your breath or your vote until
you think you’ve finally found a savior up on Capitol Hill


Austin James said...

so are you just going to refuse to vote?

Carrie Marie said...

good question AJ, thank you. Yes, I am refusing to vote because there will be no candidates that I, as a Christ follower, can fully support.

Bethany Pee said...

thank you! i myself am not voting either. it's not like it's the lesser of two evils here!!!

ps derek webb is laaaaaaaame. LAME.