Sunday, March 16, 2008

I'm going through withdrawls,

You may be thinking facebook, and while that's true, my true withdrawls lie within not seeing these adorable faces for months! I cannot wait to see them this weekend. :)


Maritza said...

i should be one of these faces.. and you should be seeing me this weekend... i miss you

blythe said...

i did not see you today.


why didn't i see you?!

Carrie Marie said...

Martiza, I miss your face as well. :)

Blythe, I did see you, I was calling your name and waving my hands and you just walked right upstairs in the HS room...I was like, "What the heck lady, where ya going?"

Okay, not really, I didn't come to church ;)

jordan sabolick said...

obsession=bad thing