Monday, March 17, 2008

Follow up to Rob Bell Discussion

Just wanted to add that youth groups don't need to run out and buy NOOMA videos because they are the "coolest" thing around. You can also check out these videos by Zondervan (created by one of my own professors, Matt Williams!).
Ben Witherington blogs about it here. This is some of what Witherington has to say:

Zondervan has just released this new DVD Bible study curriculum for use in small groups and Sunday Schools. I was one of 6 New Testament professors in the project. There are 3 DVDs, with participant's guides: "The Prayers of Jesus," "The Parables of Jesus," and "The Miracles of Jesus." Each study is introduced from a setting in Israel, to set the historical context, and then taught from a creative location here in the USA: a beach, the mountains, downtown Chicago, Boston, etc., to show how the Biblical text can be applied to today's world. With 3 hours of teaching per DVD by Bible professors who know how to communicate the world of the Biblical text to today’s world (Ben Witherington, Gary Burge, David Garland, Mark Strauss, Mike Wilkins, and Matt Williams), “Deeper Connections” will provide the depth that you have been looking for. Through alternating sections of DVD teaching and small group discussion, this Bible Study series will allow your small group or Sunday School class to make DEEPER CONNECTIONS with three main areas: 1. Historical Background: Jewish, historical, social and cultural backgrounds are examined in order to bring out the full and deeper meaning of the Biblical text. 2. Biblical Text: The lessons are taught by Bible professors who teach this subject matter in Bible Colleges and Seminaries. 3. Real Life Application: Challenging and accurate applications that come directly out of the biblical text will help you to live the truth of the Bible in today’s difficult world.

I am telling you, these are some amaaazing videos. I highly recommend them!

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