Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I am currently studying for a Pauline Literature test which is tomorrow, and as I was going through my notes, I found something that really spoke to my heart when Dr. Berding said it in class.
He gave us a list of 10 church planting principles from Paul's Corinthian letters and Acts 18 and one of them was to:
"Look for those who are open".

Then he said, "We need to EXPECT that God is opening people's hearts...so LOOK for them."

Gosh, when is the last time that I was sitting in church EXPECTING...reeeeally EXPECTING for God to be opening hearts, and actually getting up after service and LOOKING for those people.

This should challenge all of us, whether in ministry or not.



Camyron Lee said...

good point. I totally understand, eye opening.

oh, and i have a question(this is not to take away by any means from my comment above)

but how do you display your other blog friends? i cant figure it out

Maritza said...

funny how the things are so simple yet so hard for us to do, ya?