Saturday, March 29, 2008

The Celebration Service

Today was Josh's celebration service; it was really wonderful.
Many people got to share about who Josh was, and what they loved the most about him. Some shared songs, and we had a time of worship.
We laughed, we cried, we remembered, we hugged.

It was so great to see everyone that I hadn't seen in many months and (for some) years.
I kept myself busy for most of the service, helping in any way that I could...typical for me. I finally went upstairs to cut some flyers for the next morning and that's when it hit me like a train...Josh is gone. I am never going to see him walk through those church doors again or randomnly run into him at Starbucks. I feel like he is not gone...I feel like the service I just helped with wasn't for him...but it was. It's such a weird feeling.

But already I have seen some great things come out of this situation:

#1 - I had the opportunity to share the Lord with someone last night at Chipotle...and I totally wouldn't have even been out in the OC if it wasn't for all this. His name is Manny, please pray for him.

#2 - One person gave their life to the Lord today at Josh's service, praise God!

#3 - I was reunited with one of my old youth kids that I hadn't seen for 2 years. I saw her and just started crying because, well, I just seriously love her so much. I mean, I love all my kids so much, but I just haven't seen this one for awhile. Now we will most definitly stay in touch, and I am looking forward to meeting with her in the summer on a continual basis.

Oh, so many other things to was so incredibly bittersweet. Right after the service I headed over to hang out with the ladies for Jacque's bacheolorette party and we had such a good time hanging out. I am so blessed to have found incredible women during my time here at Biola. I am so blessed.

I'm going to miss you Josh...but I know you that you are just so happy right now to be with the Lord, and with your dad.

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