Saturday, March 15, 2008

A camera full of love.

Ever since Hannah lost my camera cord a couple of years ago, I haven't been able to upload my pictures right after the capture. This is very hard to deal with now that I am a blogger. So ever few months, I take a trip over to Target and get all my pictures uploaded to a CD. Here are a few of the loving moments I have captured...and maybe you can see why I am always so busy when I am not taking 18 units and working :)

Jill and I at my Back to School 80's Party

Johnny (left) and Joel (right) trying to look like some cool 80's fella's

Joel and Rachel...they are one of my favorite couples :)

Trip to yogurtland with Lindsay, Jill, and Kelly

Chris' Birthday

Blythe's Famous Homemade Checkered Cake!

Some friends at Chris' Birthday Partay

Lots of Friends and lots of Love at Chris' Birthday Party

And then, in all of my spare time, I decided to crochet a scarf :)

Here is my roommate Lindsay, with the scarf :)

Here is Erin at bridal shower #1...started making the rehearsal dinner bouquet

Erin, Jacque, and I at Bridal Shower #1 @ the Faris'

Paul, Derek, Me, and Jessie at Chuck e Cheese Studying for GREEK!!

Bridal Shower #2 ("Biola Bridal Shower") @ My little place

All the ladies could make it to this one! Yay! So fun

Bible Major Night

Derek Webb and Sandra McCracken Show with Jon

Lindsay's Clean side of the Room

And now she is laying in my mess...hey, i'm busy, duh ;)

Then we got bored


The end.
Stay tuned for more pictures on facebook, coming on Easter ;)