Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2008 Christianity Today Book Awards

Check out the results here.

Luckily, I have read all the books that won!

Ha, yah right. :)

But, I do have both of the "Biblical Studies" books sitting on my bookshelf (which is kind of cool because my degree will be in Biblical Studies:
Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament
G. K. Beale and D. A. Carson (Baker Academic)
The Jesus Legend: A Case for the Historical Reliability of the Synoptic Jesus Tradition
Paul Rhodes Eddy and Gregory A. Boyd (Baker Academic)

Beale and Carson's book is used more for a reference and is very helpful. I am reeeeeally looking forward to reading Eddy and Boyd's book. One of my professor's, Dr. Lunde, highly recommends it, and it will definitly be the first book I read as soon as I am a graduate.

I have also read this one which won an award:
Kingdom Triangle: Recover the Christian Mind, Renovate the Soul, Restore the Spirit's Power
J. P. Moreland (Zondervan)

It is very good, I highly recommend it. Also wanna give a shout out to Mr. John Krutsinger because he was kind enough to buy it for me at a special lecture that Dr. Moreland gave. :)

Oh, and why we are at it, I reeeally want to read this book as well, I think it looks so good!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Carrie I clicked on the "this book" link in this blog and it took me to the Amazon page where "God Conversations" is listed. So mean! I could see how cheap it was, so I bought three. :) It looks awesome, thanks for the recommendation.

Love Jessie