Monday, March 3, 2008


So, tonight was the big game here at BIOLA University. Sadly, I couldn't attend due to work...but luckily, my work is only feet away from all of the excitement!
We have been rivals for years (similar to USC and UCLA). Most years, we lose our basketball games against APU (always getting totally dominated)...but this year, we knew we were going to win.
We were going to win because this was OUR year! It was OUR 100th year birthday, and God was on OUR side this year (okay, I know God doesn't really take sides).
At the half, we were down by 20; things did not look good for us.
But we came back, and in the 4th, with literally ONE second on the clock, and a scoreboard which read 49 - 49, BIOLA scored!!!
We finally won!

Final score, you guessed it...51 - 49.

Hmmm, lets do some quick math... that equals...oh my gosh...ONE HUNDRED!!!


God was on our side.


Vicki Fourie said...

Do you realize...that you're a good writer?
Thank you for your inspiration and words of encouragements.
I'm a Christian too, and most of my writings are based around that.

View my blog at:
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In Christ,

Rob said...

That's so cool!