Monday, February 25, 2008

Such a trend.

I love that all of my friends are starting to blog. Blogging is SO my new favorite thing to do! And it makes me happy that my friends are joining in on the fun.

Check some of them out:

Josh Saenz - Biola (Not a new blogger, but I motivated him to blog more)
Richard Freer - Biola and Kingsfield Church
Devon Earl - Biola and Steve's girlfriend (check up on her adventures in Australia!)
Bethany Paternostro - Kingsfield Church
Maritza Skidmore - Kingsfield Church
Camyron Lee - Kingsfield Church
Adam Sabolick - Kingsfield Church

On an entirely different note, 3 things:

#1 - Kinda bummed that I spend about $8 doing laundry today and literally, I mean ALL day. This communal laundry thing can be kind of a pain. My roommate says I should get up early in the morning to do it so I miss the crowds...that'll be the day :)

#2 - I am going street witnessing tomorrow (well, today, Monday) at Cal State Fullerton with Dr. Berding and various people from his classes. Yes, the extra credit is very enticing, but I am just really excited to go! It's been awhile, and I know I am going to be pumped up when I return...I will make sure to report any cool stories, and pray for me if you get a chance...actually, pray for the people God is going to lead me to.

#3 - Finally, if you can't tell already, I learned that safari doesn't let me link to other websites easily, but firefox does! As you can see, I have thoroughly been enjoying my new discovery.



Josh said...

I hope that you put my name first on your blog list because you know that i'm probably the only one who cares! haha...
p.s.- how does "Potluck & Godspell @ Carrie's" sound?!?!

Carrie Marie said...

you know you are most important to me (in my blog world) ;)

party at my house sounds amazing! one problem though, i don't have a TV...