Monday, February 11, 2008

Such a great visual project

Check out my lovely, good looking, SINGLE, amazing, friend's (who loves God) blog post.
Yes, I told her to post it because I love it.

Also, check out this video of an update on Union University's aftermath of the tornado they survived. NO ONE was killed; it is seriously such a miracle.
I just love and respect their president so much. My favorite line of his in the video is, "We have hope, because we believe in a God who raises the dead...We have hope, because we believe in a God who changes hearts"....AMEN!!!
We are praying for Union here at Biola as our sister school...I can't even imagine the hardtimes it must be to go through something like that. Especially when you are such a small community of students, it would be so hard to see so much damage to a school that I love so much.


blythe said...

um. thanks for sharing my relationship status with the world.


CarrieMarie said...

just tryin' to find you a man...