Friday, February 15, 2008

Sometimes perseverance pays...

Tonight was a strange night...but full of life lessons. Actually, the whole day was full of good life lessons.
This Friday, the 15th of February, has been shaped around one event for a few weeks now. The book to the left has been written by a man by the name of Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, and he has so graciously decided to give FREE lectures on Amillennialism for 6 weeks. This is a great opportunity to learn and be challenged in our beliefs, and I have been excited to go for awhile now. Just in case you're wondering, I tend to lean more Historical Pre-mil (like George Ladd), but I definitly think the case of amillennialism is a good one.

Anyway, my day started out with a great Pauline Literature class with Dr. Berding. We talked about what the proper ways to plant churches were, and looked at how Paul did it. Dr. Berding gave us some great insights from his own experience's in Turkey when he was a missionary, and the the insight that stuck out to me the most was "don't give up". He told the story of how eventually after a couple years in Turkey, he and his wife began to receive death threats. His wife was 7-months pregnant at the time and they seriously considered leaving. Eventually they decided to stay and well, Dr. Berding and his wife are here today, so we know that everything turned out positively. This story just really encouraged me in many ways, but mostly in the area of perseverance. I don't often "give up" when it comes to BIG things in my life, but I give up a lot when it comes to small things.

So again, I had been looking forward to this lecture, but some events transpired and the situation that I would put myself in to attend this lecture would be sort of..."awkward". It's a long story, and really, I don't want to share it ;) but just take my word... awkward. So, I really wanted to back out of it, but I had promised someone a ride, and I didn't want to back out on my committment, AND I wanted to go to the lecture.

I leave for the lecture and the whole time I am just thinking, "why the heck am I going to this?...seriously, I could just stay here with my friends from my apartment where I was enjoying a potluck...and then go to Kelly's birthday party"... All of these things are going through my mind...but really...I WANT to go to the lecture. So I keep telling myself, don't give up Carrie...persevere.

I get off the freeway and realize that I am horribly lost. Eventually I find the church but I am already 30 minutes late. So now, not only am I walking into an awkward situation between people...but I am walking into an awkward situation of...I am 30 minutes late! My friend who was inside kept texting me, "just come in, it's fine" (he was also the one who kept convincing me to go to the lecture at all...through the awkwardness). Just track with me here...imagine a terribly awkward situation happening in the midst of something you really want to life tonight.

But I kept going, and I walked in late and I sat down and I listened to that lecture and I was so happy because it was really great, but I was more happy because I just didn't give up.

In the end, not only was I blessed by a potluck with my apartment, a great lecture, meeting a new friend, and Kelly's birthday party...but I just didn't give up. Yes, the situation was "awkward"...yes, maybe I should have just stayed home...but no, I kept on going and I had a great night.

Obviously this is a little different from persevering through intense persecution in Turkey, but it was just a little life lesson that I enjoyed learning tonight.


Josh said...

seriously carrie. its really cool that you can step back and see God's work in your life. i love it when other people are able to communicate that. it encourages me that our God is a God who is involve and acts in our daily lives. Keep persevering!

CarrieMarie said...

thanks Josh! your words were really encouraging to me!