Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama, the next president

So, it looks like Obama is going to beat Hillary.
First of all, I just want to say, thank the Lord!
Secondly, I am pretty sure we are looking at Obama to be the next's why:

Most likely we are looking at a Obama vs. McCain competition here.

Top 2 Reasons why people won't vote for McCain:

#1 - He's old.
#2 - The Bush's endorse him.

Reasons why I won't vote for McCain, ever.

#1 - The two reasons above
#2 - I really don't think he cares about this country at all
#3 - Has he done anything good whatsoever yet? I didn't think so...
#4 - He's OLD! He looks like he is going to die and I don't think being president will help with that.

When it comes time for the debates, Obama is going to dominate McCain. Obama is young and full of life. His wife Michelle is this awesome woman who at least acts like she loves this country. She is involved and wants to make a change.

America doesn't want another Bush...they want change...
and that is why I am predicting Obama, the first African American man, will be president of the United States in a few months.


Chad Gloetzner said...

You may be right...Obama may win the presidency. However your reasoning is crazy! How does the fact that McCain looks old make him a bad candidate?

My concern is that both McCain and Obama are morally corrupt. Both are pro homosexual marriage, pro empbryonic stem cell research, and pro abortion.

I just thank God that He is in control. Who knows? Maybe He will return before the election?

I love your blog!

God bless,


Carrie Marie said...

Actually, ironically enough...Obama is not pro homosexual marriage. He says that marriage is not a "right" that people is a system based on Biblical principles, and the Bible says marriage between a man and a woman.
So, it looks like Obama is the lesser of two evils...ha, so ironic. :)

Anyway, I know my reasoning is silly...but I wasn't trying to be too serious ;)
I am excited you checked my blog out!!!