Friday, February 29, 2008


If you are a watcher of the amazing show LOST, I only have one observation for you:

Though the time travel is making my head spin, and I clearly have NO idea what is going on, I have to make note of something very imporant - Desmond calls Penelope on Christmas eve 2004 from the boat...and she answers when (presumably) it IS in fact Christmas eve 2004. Not only do we know that it is Christmas eve from the calendar on the boat, but we know it because Sayid said so before even looking at the calendar (indicating that island time is the same as the boat time). Though this new episode seems to indicate that there is a whole day of difference between the island and the boat time.

So, why is the island time not on the same track as the boat's time, if Scotland (or Australia...wherever Penelope is...) time is the same as island AND boat time. Am I out smarting the writers here?

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Adventures in Australia said...

O boy- you're totally throwing me off with this one because I haven't been able to watch LOST here and I have no idea what you're referring to... but i do like reading your blogs- thanks for keeping up with mine. Have a wonderful last semester!