Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's been a long time since I laughed this hard...

Tonight I watched "License to Wed" starring Robin Williams, John Krasinski, and Mandy Moore. This movie was so cute! I had a blast watching it because I just laughed the whole time. It was also a joy to watch because basically the entire cast of "The Office" was in it including, "Angela", "Kevin", and "Kelly"...and of course "Jim" (John Krasinski). But the whole cast of the movie was great.

The movie was clean, I think maybe a few "bad" words, but no innapropriate sexual content. And though there was definitly some things that were not on par with the Christian beliefs (but what do you expect when Robin Williams is the minister), the basic moral of the story was to not take marriage lightly. To really think about it before you jump and commit your whole life to someone, forever.

It was a great comedic love story that would be fun to watch over and over again; I highly recommend seeing it.

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