Sunday, February 10, 2008

I live in the Library.

Tonight, as I was studying in the library, something exciting (for us dorks) happened. Okay, it's not really "exciting", just funny.

You see, there is this guy who brings in his own chair so he can be comfortable (and if you have already heard my story about the other guy who has his own desk setup...this is a different guy). So the chair guy, just leaves his chair in here at all times. And I have seen him always sitting in it, so I know that it is his.

Well tonight, some other guy took the chair, and I said to him, "Is that yours?"
He said, "No, but no one is using it".

I was just like, whatever, and went back to working while he wheeled the chair into the back of the library. I thought to myself, "well, if that guy who owns the chair isn't here by now (there was only one hour left til closing), then he isn't coming.

Then, all of a sudden, the owner of the chair walks in. My stomach sank thinking to myself, "Should I tell him...or just let him look around?"

Well, I just let him look around. If he came close to me, I would have told him...but where he was positioned would have forced me to get up.

Then, he left the library, and he looked kinda worried.

Another exciting adventure with Carrie!


blythe said...

dang, i was hoping for a confrontation. you know, a smackdown.
how could he not see that guy using his chair? it must not be that special if:
1) he leaves it in the library. who does that?
2) he didn't even recognize it among the other chairs.

CarrieMarie said...

the guy that took his chair went and hid in the back of the library...

ya, too bad there was no confrontation