Monday, February 25, 2008

I have a friend named Camyron,

and she likes to write funny blogs about funny things that she has done because she is a bit of a klutz.

One time, she got her head stuck in bed post at camp -

I rescued her -

I love her because I am her "mom" and "panda" -
*I look like such a nut in this picture...I was trying to look like a crazy 80's mom in a crazy Christmas need to see the whole outfit*

Anyway, check out her funny story on her blog that involves me; you will laugh...mostly at her.

Also, at this moment in time I should also probably give a shout out to Maritza for mentioning me in her latest blog entry, but I didn't want to draw too much attention to it because she is way to gracious in what she has to say; but I knew I would get some kind of comment if I only mentioned Camy's shout out to me and not Tita's (aka, Maritza).

Love you girls.


Maritza said...

Haha, I love you Carrie. You're the bestest. Thanks for editing the post and putting me in there :D

Camyron Lee said...

wow, these are some of the WORST pictures of meee ever!!! thankss though:) love you panda

Frank & Lela said...


Wow, how bout those 80's pics! I am going to go and get out my Bon Jovi album and my Saved By The Bell reruns..."I'm a cowboy..."