Friday, February 22, 2008

I have the chills!

***Warning, Spoiler Alert***

Holy cow! LOST tonight was soooo good! I cannot BELIEVE how it ended! Seriously, this was the best episode I have seen in a looong time. Oh my gosh, I just can't believe it...where are the writers going with this?! I mean, if you watch, we all have some sort of an idea of where the writers are going with the "surviving 8"..."2 dead"...famous "Oceanic 6"...and we know that Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sayid make it...but do we have our last 2 from last weeks episode, Ben, and this weeks episode, Aaron. Are those the last 2? Does this make it the surviving 6? Obviously Ben wouldn't count as a survivor of the plane crash, but did something happen where the other survivors made a deal to say he was one of the one's who made it?

Craziness! I am SO excited for the rest of the season, and I just can't believe Claire dies and Kate takes the baby! Ah!!

...Or are they really dead? Maybe they just left them all on the island, alive, and still LOST.

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