Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Farewell to Facebook for Forty Days

In view of Lent, I have decided to give up social networking. This will encompass two websites: Facebook and Myspace.

Myspace isn't much of a stretch because I just don't spend much time at all on there, but facebook will be very hard to leave.
I love facebook...I really do. I love that all my friends are so easily accessible on there, I love that I can know about everything happening at Biola on there, but I find myself mostly loving the fact that I can just distract myself from so many things by being glued to facebook. I know more about people from "stalking" their facebooks, than I would on a normal basis because I just don't talk to them that much.

So I want to challenge myself to:

#1 - Take the time that I waste on facebook learning about someone, and actually sit down and have a conversation with them.

#2 - I want to do my homework instead of spend endless hours looking at photo albums.

#3 - I want to take all my extra time that I will have (seriously, I think it will be like one hour - average - a day) and do something productive, like, catch up on sleep or pray!

Hopefully taking time away from facebook will give me time to become adjusted to not being so dependent on it. My prayer is that when the 40 days are over, I will have a healthier attitude and response towards social networking.

Are you giving anything up??


blythe said...

so i would bet money that giving up facebook = blogging more.

we shall see, friend. we shall see.

CarrieMarie said...

psh, you know me too well...