Monday, February 4, 2008

And February Begins...

February has begun with a bang. I hosted an 80's party at my little place here at Biola and it was a BLAST! Here is a picture of me, my roomie Lindsay, co-worker Talitha, and neighbor Kelly. My friend John (see link to John can also see his head in the back of the picture) brought a chocolate fountain and it was seriously a hit! Everyone absolutely loved it. We also had a plethora of chips and dip and root beer floats. We danced the night away to 80's hits, and yes, someone had the guts to come dressed as Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" (search if you need a refresher). It was definitly a great back to school party and I just loved seeing everyone that I miss throughout the school year (friends from the OC).

It's been a crazy first week of school for me. I will spare you the yucky details, but I will update you on some of my classes.

Sex, Money and Power class:
Sooo excited about this class. I think I am going to do my big project on marriage, and I am really pumped about studying that area (from many different people) more in depth.

Pauline Theology:
In my last blog, I wrote about how I suddenly felt as if I needed to be in this class...I haven't exactly experienced my "ah-ha" moment, but I know that just even being in the last two classes has been awesome. Dr. Berding is seriously such a good teacher. And not only is he a good teacher, but he and his wife (and daughters) open up their house every single week and host a dinner for all of his students. For the first half of the semester it's on Mondays, and the second half is on Thursdays. It doesn't cost any money, nothing, they just want to hang legit is that? I hope I can have a ministry like that one day.

New Testament Use of the Old Testament:
Gunna be a hard excited about it though.

Wednesday is almost here! I have my message done and ready to go, but I am just trying to put it to memory right now. Kinda nervous...but excited! :)


Mitchell Allen Young said...

I've heard that Pauline Lit class changes lives…

CarrieMarie said...

i hope so...nice to see you on here Mitchell :)

blythe said...

wish i could've been there for that party carrie! glad you had fun!