Sunday, January 27, 2008

Time to hit the books.

The season has approached; tomorrow is my first day of my last semester of college. This picture of Cade expresses a little of how I feel about it. It's a little bittersweet. It's kind of like the feeling when you go on a rollercoaster. You have to start in line... and you get in line and wait and wait and want the waiting in line to be over so badly and then finally you get to the front and step your foot inside the coaster to get in...that's how I feel...I feel like I am stepping my foot into something and strapping myself in to a place in life and now there is no turning back. I can't run out of line, there is no where to go but forward. It's going to be scary, fun and exciting...and I guess I am ready. I really have no other options.
I don't want this to end. Do you even know how much fun it is to study the Bible here? I absolutely love it.
Anyway, this semester is going to start out fun. First, with an 80's, back to school party, that will be a blast. Second, I have the honor of speaking in Biola's chapel as I have previously stated. Third, my classes are going to be awesome. I am taking Greek 4, New Testament Theology, Old Testament Theology, SexMoney&Power, Theology of Gender, and (my favorite) New Testament use of the Old Testament. My good friend Jessie is just about in all of my classes and I am so excited to be able to see her everyday (unlike last year). But seriously, all the Bible majors are just great and I am so looking forward to waking up tomorrow and seeing everyone (even if it is at 8am...i've never had an 8am class before). And lastly, I am looking forward to wearing that gown and walking across the stage to shake President Barry Corey's hand. It's finally here...i'm going to graduate college... SO exciting! :)

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