Thursday, January 3, 2008

Movie Madness

So, I have moved back to BIOLA for interterm and I am working at the fitness center monday through friday from 3-8pm. These are great hours and I am so blessed to have a job there because I can study most of the time. Well, I have been enjoying my couple of days here alone, my roomie doesn't return until Sunday, and in my spare time I have been catching up on some movies I have wanted to see.
Last night I watched "The Holiday". I got this movie for Christmas and I was excited to watch it again. When it came out in the theaters, my roomie was like, "Oh Carrie, you have to see this's like, your life". So yes, if you must know, Kate Winslett's character is "my life" a year ago...well, a little different, but strangely similar. So when I watched it the first time I had all these emotions coming back. I was basically yelling at the movie screen, "Yes Kate! I know how you feel! They want you IN their life when they need you, and then that's it!" It was pretty pathetic. Luckily, this time around I was feeling, "Yes! Their is a Jack Black waiting for me!"
Okay, moving on. This is not the point of this post ;)
The point is that in the previews, I was reminded of the movie Jennifer Garner made called, "Catch and Release". And I remembered how badly I wanted to see it. So today after work, I headed over to blockbuster to rent it. I began in the movie section where the movies were for sale. I picked up 4 great movies: "Lady in the Water", "The Queen", "Children of Men", and the one where Robin Williams runs for president (such a good movie). These movies were on sale...ALL for $20! What a deal! But, I don't really have $20 to spare. So, I walked around with them in my arms...cuddling them...telling myself how badly I wanted them. But then I was like, "No Carrie. You have seen all these have no money, put them back". So then I turned into this old lady at JC Penny, the day before a big sale, and hid all the movies amongst the huge bins of movies. Like I am going to come back to them! I am so pathetic. I continued on to find my movie I had originally come for and retrieved it. I proceeded to get in a huge line where there were only two people working. It took forever. As I waited I grabbed a diet coke, though I have some at home, and thought about what a sad, single, young woman I must have looked like to everyone. Just me and my movie and my diet coke...all blockbuster. At least it wasn't a Friday night. *Note - I am totally kidding about this...I love these 4 lonely days I have right now...stay 2 weeks with my family and you'll know what i'm talking about.*
Anyway, I proceed to the check out and realize, I don't have a card for blockbuster. Who the heck spends $4.50 to rent a movie? So then they push me over to another space where I have to fill out this long application thing. I finish and the lady looks at me and looks at the (still) long line of people and proceeds to tell me, "I am just going to help 3 more people and then I will get to you". I try to be the good Christian girl and respond with a sigh and a okay, and then I continue to wait, many long minutes. I think about all the trouble this movie had caused me. I think about leaving but then realize I had already opened that diet coke. Why they heck did I get that diet coke...I have some at home. 3 people pass and she continues to help others. I think she has forgotten about me. Luckily there a man working too. Usually they pay us good looking women some attention ..and yes, I do mean me. ;)
He comes over and apologizes for how long I had to wait. I decided I am going to "kill him with kindness". I am certain that this will give me a free movie rental. I mean, don't I deserve one anyway for waiting? I ask him about his day and inquire if they are short staffed. He tells me that he had recently become manager and "everyone quit because he makes them work". Ah, I see, one of those guys. He continues to tell me that he only has like 4 people on staff. 4 people, that's not a lot. I was so tempted to ask him to hire me right then and there for some extra money...probably should have...but restrained. Blockbuster? Really? Ehhh. Eventually I did get the movie for free (what did I tell ya Camyron)...and realized that a free movie was totally worth the wait. Kill 'em with kindness ladies.
So I get home and I am really excited to watch this movie. I pop it in and soon discover that if Maury Povich ever wanted to make a movie, this would be it. I am going to ruin the entire thing for you now, so stop reading if you don't want to hear it.
This is basically the story...and I just want to say, the previews made it seem normal:
Girl's fiancee dies. Girl moves in with fiancee's best friends. Girl finds out that fiancee has a million dollars in some private account. Girl finds out that fiancee had a child with another woman. Girl's fiancee's best friend tells girl it was "before her". Girl kisses fiancee's best friend. Girl meets fiancee's son and realizes it wasn't "before her", and the affair didn't stop. Girl's fiancee's mother wants the engagement ring back. Girl's fiancee's affair partner and son become friends, and they all go on vacation. Girl falls in love with fiancee's best friend, but fiancee's other best friend loves girl too. Fiancee's 3rd best friend falls in love with fiancee's affair partner. Everyone finds out the kid is NOT fiancee's son...the father is some "italian, or french man". Girl still feels bad for affair partner and kid so she blackmails fiancee's mother..."I give you the ring, if you give the affair partner and kid lots of money". Fiancee's mother gives them the money. Affair partner moves in with 3rd best friend, and girl moves to california to be with 1st best friend forever.

I have absolutely no idea what the point of this movie was. Good thing it was free.

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