Monday, January 21, 2008

Give us our free drinks back!

On January 1st, 2008, Chipotle decided to NOT give free drinks to college students anymore.
This is the worst thing ever!
They decided it was just too hard to keep track of people, seeing whether they were still in college or not. They still give free drinks to high schoolers.

#1 - College students are "poorer" than high school students.
#2 - You can just LOOK at the YEAR on the college students ID card to see if they are a current student.
#3 - Yes, college students include older grad students, they are poor too!

If Chipotle doesn't change their ways soon, I believe they will lose a lot of business. I used to choose Chipotle as my special treat when I did have some extra money to eat out because my meal comes out to be a little less than $6 and it is sooo good. You can't beat a good Chipotle meal PLUS a drink for under $6. Now, if I go to Chipotle and want a drink, it will cost OVER $7. That's a lot of money. The under $6 was a stretch already.

If Chipotle wants business back from the students, they better change their ways.


blythe said...

it does stink, but i always thought it was super nice of chipotle to give free drinks in the first place. and i always ended up filling it with water anyway.

i would probably agree with you more whole heartedly if chipotle had not just mailed me a free burrito coupon this week. i love them!

CarrieMarie said...

well, hello Chipotle! If you are reading this then you need to send me a free coupon for a burrito at:
Carrie Allen
13800 Biola Ave. Box #1289
La Mirada, CA 90639

Then, maybe I will start eating there again.

blythe said...

don't get your hopes up.
try the website or the store to get on their mailing list.
i don't remember how i did it.