Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I am sorry, but I just get a good laugh when I think about all the really conservative evangelicals ...maybe like Grudem, or Piper...MacArthur....who are freaking out right now that Hillary has won New Hampshire.
I mean, not that I am really happy about it...but still, kinda funny.


Frank & Lela said...

"This is my father's world, I rest me in the thought..."

"This is my Father�s world, a wanderer I may roam Whate'er my lot, it matters not, My heart is still at home."

Give that to the ultra conservative right and for that matter to the leaning tower of the left!

On a serious note, sometimes I feel so jaded as to say, "What's the difference? They are all wearing pants!" Other times, I try to listen and truly believe that these people's intentions are somewhat true, even though once in office, they will be hard pressed to be true to them because of the special interests that run Washington.

Oh, well, it's still my Father's world!


CarrieMarie said...

Thank goodness it's our Father's world...or we would be in big trouble! Or at least, without any hope.
We don't need to vote anyway, right Frank? God has already ordained the results anyway ;)

Oh, Ps. Yes, if you run for president, then you will have to sell your soul to get in office.