Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Apparently some people think that Obama is a terrorist

Holy moly, sometimes I forget that there are people out there who think this:

*a conversation between some random guy and I*


I wouldn't vote for him. Same reason I wouldn't vote for someone who's Japanese or German during WWII. We're not at war with the people, on the ideas/country/whatever. But still. Foreign infiltration is always a clear and present danger. We are at war. No on Obama.

I can send you some articles by my Dad, he's a specialist on Islam. Are you on campus? Or should I just send them to your box?

Carrie Allen wrote:
wait, "guy", are you saying that Obama is Muslim?

Guy wrote:
No, I'm saying his parents were in a Muslim country, and that he has an arabic name. I'm no more saying he is a muslim than that a German man in the United States during WWII is a Nazi.

However, you don't VOTE for a german in WWII because he MIGHT be a Nazi. It's a matter of national security. Obama might be a great candidate during any other time. But not when we are at war with Terrorism.

I'm paranoid, I know. But paranoia and war go hand in hand for a reason.

Carrie Allen wrote:
wow. that's really sad. especially coming from a Christian.

Guy wrote:

I'm not sure how to respond to that. I think I just got "holier than-thoued".

Carrie Allen wrote:
no, not "holier than thoued". It's just sad that Christians nowadays can be so uneducated about politics that they would dare to say something like that.
Obama was born in Hawaii.
His father was born in KENYA (that's in Africa if you didn't know).
Obama's mother was born in Kansas.
Obama's grandfather served in the military during WWII.
His parents met at college, in Hawaii. Yah, they went to college, they weren't terrorists and Obama isn't either.

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